15 August 2013

Airworthy Norseman Aircraft in Canada

Received this updated list of Airworthy Norseman in Canada from Rodney Kozar today and thought I should share.

Hello Julie,

With recent input this revised list is more accurate and reflects the harder times the tourist operators have faced in the last few years, but still amazing the Norseman design proves its worth 78 years later!

Take Care,

Unrelated, Apologies to all my site visitors and readers, especially to anyone who has contacted me recently via email. I've not been paying as much attention to the site as I should the past few years due to a busy life here in London overtaking my time for hobbies. If you haven't heard back from me, it isn't out of disrespect just due to the fact I'm so busy.

Thanks very much for your continued interest and support.



25 March 2012


Dear Norseman friends and fans,

I haven't been updating the site or blog much this year...nor I have been responding to every bit of correspondence I've received. I apologize profusely for this fact and want to thank you very much for your support and continued enthusiasm. As has happened in the past, I've been overwhelmed with work, family, etc. over the past months and have had little time for else. I will do my best to respond when I can and to get more of my late grandfather's artifacts scanned & posted as time allows.



Site visitor looking for Norseman engineering drawings....

I get requests like this one from time to time... if anyone can help Greg and future requestors, please point us in the right direction.... above and beyond what I already have on the NoorduynNorseman.com site here of course!

27 April 2011

Letter of Commendation

Going through a bunch of Grandpa's papers that were given to me after he passed. A lot of it I already had and have scanned in for the site, but there is a lot there I have not put up yet at all. My aim is to post some of those things in the coming months and announce them here, as I think there are some docs which many of the Norseman enthusiasts will be interested in. This one in particular caught my eye tonight... wish I knew where the original letter could be found!

Letter of Commendation for Noorduyn Norseman

17 October 2010

Noorduyn Norseman VP-FAD in Falklands, circa 1951

Goose Green, 1951
This is a quick entry to announce that I've posted some new pictures to Flickr of VP-FAD in the Falklands. These pictures were given to me courtesy of Mr. Ian White. Here is the text Mr. White provided alongside the scanned pictures:

"Enclosed are 7 photos of VP-FAD in Falkland Islands Government Service. All photos excepting #0007 were taken at Goose Green on an unusually calm day in 1951. #0007 is taken at the, under construction, hangar in Stanley and the little guy on the beaching gear is me undergoing peliminary float training!

I subsequently had a career of 40 plus years in Canada, UK & Falklands. Now retired to Antigua and busy scanning 6000 slides.

I leave you to use the the photogaphs as you wish but grateful for credit to Freddy White, my Father who was Captain of RMS Fitzroy and then RMS Darwin until 1967.

Incidently the pilot of FAD was Vic Spencer (deceased) who held Licence #1 in the Falklands.

The airframe of FAD was destroyed by Naval Gunnery practice and the engine lay on the beach near the hangar. When I last saw it in 1982 it was still recogniseable but probably pertrified by now! The floats were auctioned off and may still be in use at Saunders Island West Falklands."

Thanks very much to Mr. White for his contribution. If any readers have questions on these photos for Mr. White, please contact me and I will give you his email address.


26 January 2010

Anyone interested in buying a Norseman?

THABET AEROPLUS have a beautiful 1944 Norseman on wheels for sale. The aircraft is US registered located in Alexandria Minnesota. The owner is open for a trade for a Super Cub or PA 12 on wheels. The asking price has been reduced down to 275,000$ USD. Please see their website for specs and more photos.

706 b 7th Ave de L'Aeroport
Quebec QC G2G 2T6
Tel: 418-871-0047



13 December 2009

New Correspondence from Site Visitors

I've decided that I am going to start posting interesting correspondence which I receive from site visitors and Norseman enthusiasts on this blog from now on rather than imbedded into the Correspondence page on the main site. This is mainly due to the fact it's much easier to post via the blog than update the main site - hope no one minds.

Earlier this month I received this lovely email from Michael Prophet along with a very interesting link. Thought I should share with the rest of you... Enjoy!!
Hi Julie

My name is Michael S.Prophet and I live near Amsterdam Schiphol airport Holland. I just noted your website via the classic propliner forum and wanted to drop you a message.

During the month of June I visited Winnipeg with an friend and we drove to the East in search of Bush planes. We visited places like Kenora and Red Lake and photographed many floatplanes like the Beaver, Otter and Norseman. While in Red Lake I got my first ever Norseman ride ....:-)....onboard the Viking Outpost Norseman CF-FQI

I am a free-lance aviation writer and photographer and frequently travel the world in search of vintage aircrafts in action. We flew an enjoyable 35 minutes in and around Red Lake, taking off and lading back on the cool waters of Red Lake.

Please check out my webpage on our track across the Ontario's lakes:


Hope you like it

Greetings from Holland,

Michael Prophet

And here is another I received from a British gentleman with whom my grandfather Bob used to correspond:

Hello Julie,

You might remember me from a while back when I covered Bob's Norseman site in 'Aircraft Illustrated' magazine. Following that, Bob and I communicated by e-mail and he sent me some items via the post. In recent times I had tried to get in touch but had no reply and then events took over, meaning that I hadn't got round to chasing him up until recently.

I am very sorry to hear of Bob's passing; he was a true gent.


Howard J. Curtis
(Bournemouth, UK)

Links to my aircraft photos on the Internet:

Norseman Restoration at the Dutch Aviodrome - Pics & Update

As many of you may know, there is a Norsman restoration going on in the Netherlands currently at the Aviodrome. I am periodically in contact with one of the members of the restoration team and I recently asked him for an update and some pictures. Below is what I received in return - thought you all might be interested.

Hello Julie!

Thanks for your mail with the picture! It is good to hear that you are still active with your gandfathers heritage! I attached some pics which show how far we are at this moment. We have fitted the wings to the fuselage (to see if it needs to be adjusted) and we are working on the engine and the cockpit (a.o. instruments).

If you want to stop by here in Lelystad, let me know in advance!

Best regards,

Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome

Arno van der Holst

E-mail: a.vdholst@aviodrome.nl

Website: http://www.aviodrome.nl/

15 October 2009

New Documents Posted!

Tonight I scanned in several documents I've found in a folder of items which I got from my grandfather before his passing. They are all linked from the Documents section of http://www.noorduynnorseman.com/. Here's the list of what has been scanned and posted as of today:

  • Norseman Total Production Summary
  • Registry: USAAF YC-64 Norseman Aircraft
  • Norseman UC64A Diversions to Great Britain
  • History of MkVI CN 367
  • Norsemans in Czechoslovakia
  • Norseman Report on Instrument Groups
I have quite a few more documents left to scan - will try to make time for them over the next few weeks and post them on the site accordingly.

23 August 2009

Hello, and greetings from Newcastle!

First things first... I've moved the blog from a really old piece of software onto Blogger, so you'll notice that the blog has a LOT more features & looks a bit snazzier as well. Hope you enjoy...

Now, onto more interesting things...

My husband and I have been back from our North American adventure for a couple weeks now. Unfortunately we both came back to very nasty colds and lots of work, so this is the first chance I've had since my return to dive into the site. For those of you who arenɔ aware, Will and I went to the annual Norseman Festival in Red Lake, Ontario in July. We also visited my family in Ohio and took a couple days vacation in Chicago. It was an amazing trip all told.

I have tons of pictures and stories to share about our time in Red Lake, which I will try to get posted slowly as time allows. I have already posted several pictures out on the Norseman Flickr Group, so be sure to check those out. Thanks to everyone who showed us such kindness whilst in Red Lake ʼnt was truly an amazing trip. I'd especially like to thank Ron Robinson and his family for being such gracious hosts and support for our family.

Next businessPI have scanned six pages of black & white Norseman specification drawings and posted them on my site. The pics are compiled in a PDF format and can be accessed through the Documents section of the site. Sadly they are photocopies of photocopies. The quality isnɔ the greatest but some people HAVE found them helpful in the past, so I thought it best to post them for everyone else to share. When my grandfather was alive, he used to send photocopies of these drawings to people upon request via 'snail mail'. I doubt he'd mind that I'm sharing them electronically nowadays.

Til next time,


11 July 2009

Kenora Daily article

Thought I would share this article recently printed in the Kenora Miner newspaper:

Norseman Article - Photo

Norseman Article - Text

Thanks to Phil Gies for sending it on!! Visit his air traffic control site at:


Phil also sent on a collection of aerial pics of the Cartierville Airport taken between 1929 and 1998. The collection comes from his friend Alan Browne - thanks to both of them for allowing me to post these on my site.

To view the pics, please go to NoorduynNorseman.com.

2 March 2009

Hall of Fame

There are efforts underway to nominate my great-grandfather, RBC Noorduyn, to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. These efforts are being led by a third party who has contacted me for a letter of support. This individual is in need of additional support besides just my family to push the nomination through the qualification process. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please contact me at julie@noorduynnorseman.com and I will provide further details.


Julie Boddy


25 January 2009

Jack Lamb

See the full article at: EdZaruk.com

3 January 2009

Site Updates Imminent

Attention users: You will start noticing changes to the website occuring over the next few months. I am starting the slow process of upgrading the site, fixing broken links and making general improvements. Please bear with me during this process. Thanks for your support.

19 November 2008

Reminder about the flickr group...

Hello everyone !

Just a quick note to let you know that I've started a Norseman group on the Flickr photo sharing site where I am posting some of the pictures I receive from fans of the Norseman as well as some pics from my own collection. Please feel free to check out the pictures as well as contribute your own norseman pictures. Here's the link: